Il potenziale di un’azienda può rimanere inespresso per un’inadeguata cura della Proprietà Intellettuale. In the present-day market, protecting new solutions is the most effective way to ensure leverage of a company’s potential, which otherwise risks remaining untapped without proper Intellectual Property management.
Patents confer exclusive rights for a 20 year period and can protect, for example, new industrial processes or plants, new equipment or devices or chemical preparations. Exclusive rights can be extended so that they cover several geographical areas. Our patent experts can suggest how to integrate the patent management strategy into the corporate vision, considering how a patent can help protect business not only in terms of market share but also in terms of opportunities: a patent may lead to alliances or cooperation with other businesses, the granting of licences or trade exchanges, and constitutes a powerful bargaining tool. Recent tax relief measures, aimed at encouraging companies to invest in R&D, allow access to tax benefits through patenting, making this an even more attractive tool.

Patent box is an opportunity for firms carrying out R&D activities in Switzerland or that do have patents With the Patent Box, following registration of the patents, a company may take advantage of the tax incentives available for its revenue. Our experts carry out the patent analysis, in preparation for the tax and financial study, in order to quantify the possible benefits of the Patent Box. Income from patents is taxed separately from other profits and at a reduced rate. The reduction may be as high as 90%. Eligible income includes royalties, patent revenues contained in the product price and profits from the sale of patents. Some of the Swiss Cantons grant capital tax relief when the capital is attributable to shareholdings, patents and intra-group loans.