About us

M. Zardi & Co. SA was founded in Lugano in 1999 and very rapidly became established as leading Intellectual Property firm for companies in Ticino and abroad.
We conduct our profession with great passion, constantly looking towards the future. Thanks to our passion and dedication to our profession we have built up an outstanding reputation in the world market of Intellectual Property consultancy.

In today’s market, innovation encompasses different disciplines and the proper protection of Intellectual Property (IP) requires close cooperation between specialists who come from different technological, legal and cultural backgrounds and can offer a broad all-round view.
The strategic management of IP resources is a key requisite for successfully dealing with the rapid changes in innovation, technology and the legal sector. It is therefore essential to have the support of the right consultants.
Our team of professional experts is able to provide a high-quality consultancy service for IP and we provide full support for every need.
We are able to provide assistance with obtaining patent, trademark and design rights and protection against competition and infringement. We are able to act as representatives in proceedings before national and international authorities, including the European Patent Office, the Swiss Intellectual Property Institute, the Swiss Federal Patent Court, the Unified Patent Court, the Italian Patent & Trademark Office, the European Union Intellectual Property Office and the World Intellectual Property Organization.
Our team is made up of professional experts with a wealth of international experience who have a unique capacity to understand the complex processes and inter-relationships which exist in today’s industry, while managing to adapt them to your specific needs. M. Zardi & Co. SA is therefore a unique and highly competent Intellectual Property firm which not only develops solutions strategically designed for all needs, but also optimizes and enhances the present and future potential of its clients.