The first substantive public hearings of the Unified Patent Court

The first two substantive public hearings of the Unified Patent Court will be held next month at the local division in Munich about applications for provisional measures. The hearings concern applications for preliminary injunctions in infringement cases brought by 10x Genomics against Nanostring Technologies. Over 50 cases have been initiated at different divisions, predominantly in Germany. although the court is still struggling to present all information on its site in a satisfactory, transparent way. More detailed information may be identified on the UPC portal.

Concerning the Unitary Patent, the European Patent Office (EPO) has published a dashboard that reveals the number of requests for unitary effect. At the moment 7740 requests have been received, mainly for patents in the field of mechanics (around 20%), followed by materials and production (around 19%), health (around 18%), electronics and physics (around 11), digital (around11%) and mobility-space technologies and energy (around respectively 6% and 6%)